Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog Sale

I have been going through my make-up collection and there a few items that I realize I don't even use anymore so I thought why not just do a blog sale, it's a small one. I might have another one coming up but for now I'm just testing it out.

P.S: I do have more high end make-up these are just a few lower end one that I just had lying around my vanity that I don't use anymore.


  1. I will only accept payment through paypal.
  2. After I send you the invoice please pay ass soon as you can preferably within 24 hours, or the product will be sold to the next person on the list.
  3. I only ship to the US. Sorry.
  4. And last I will not be responsible for any lost packages or any damages. But if the damages are severe you can contact me through my blog.

  1. I will only ship to the US.
  2. $5 to ship to the US. (prices may vary, I will let you know)
  3. And you will need to provide me with your e-mail that's associated with your paypal account and also for your address.
Now for the products! (Note: all products will be clean and sanitized prior to shipping)

Urban Decay Face Case- $8  (Used 3x. 3 eyeshadows to the right are pressed Bare Minerals eyeshadows, I replaced it with the lip glosses that originally came with this palette.)

Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box- $15 (Oil Slick was replaced with Midnight Cowboy Rides Again and Flash was replaced with YDK, both unused) Every other color that wasn't replaced, was used quite a bit)

Urban Decay Pigments- $9 both (Both brand new)

Urban Decay Big Buddah Brush- $15 (Never used, never opened)

Smashbox Quad- $5 (Slightly used)

Benefit Brow-zings- $10

Benefit Lipstick in Ms Behavin- $9 (Used 2x, Color used on the Cullens in Twilight)

Bare Escentual Eye Glimmer in Beautiful Autumn- $6 (80% full)

MAC Lipsticks- $9 (Blankety, Honey-love, Vegas Volt)

The Face Shop Trios -$4 (Asian brand, pigmented. Brown-used 3x. Greys- Brand new)

Loreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liners- $3 each

Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume- $5

Sonia Kashuk Brown Definer in Haze-$3 (Brand new and unopened)

If you have any problems, please feel free to leave a comment below. Whether you just have a question regarding my sale or anything else on my blog.

"De-Potting" UDPP.

As all of you girls know, UDPP has the most unconventional, waste of money packaging ever! We all know it's cute and everything but c'mon now! You barely get any product out anymore after using it a couple or times and you either just throw it away and run out to buy a new one or you risk hurting yourself trying to cut the stupid thing open!

So I was running out of product and barely product was getting on the wand, so I thought to just throw it out, and thankfully I decided not to! Because I cut that bad boy open and there was so much product stuck on the sides! I didn't have a container to keep it in so I transfered the product into an old contact lense case!
And I nearly filled both up to the rim, it's ridiculous how much primer was still in the tube considering none of it was getting on my wand!

Here are some pictures from when I cut the tube open:

And here it is after I transfered the product into a new container:

Do you see how much product it still has?! So my advice DO NOT throw out your UDPP when you think you're out, the packaging is very decieving! ;)

Although, this might never be a problem again if you buy the new UDPP, the one that comes in a squeezy tube similar to the ones that the face primers come with. It's a bit more expensive than the Genie bottle UDPP, but you do get more product. So if I were I would get the new UDPP packaging instead. Because it is something you use everyday anyways and UDPP is basically a life saver so why not invest in it anyways right?


Hello, welcome to my blog! This blog will just be full of make-up reviews and make-up hauls! I wanted to start making Youtube videos but I think that blogging is more up my alley! I love to talk about make-up to other girls who also love make-up. Its really a passion of mine! I am not looking to make it my career but I do love doing other people's make-up && I am usually the one every one in my family and friends ask for when they need to get their make-up done!
I really do hope that my blog grows in to something people will look at on a daily basis kind of like how some girls, just like myself love to watch videos on youtube! Because I really do enjoy helping people with questions about anything beauty related!
When I get my blog going you will soon see:
  • Reviews
  • Hauls
  • Make-up Looks
  • Fashion
  • Outfit of the Days
  • Face of the Days
  • && Anything else you would like to see on my blog!
So please don't be shy and leave me a comment with any kind of question, comments, or concerns!